“Black Friday”, really black?


Thanks to the developments in technology World is getting smaller day by day. Thus, one of the most popular date for tech-lovers without any doubt is Black Friday. Next Black Friday obviously seems it will arouse interest as it did in recent years. Getting closer to Black Friday of 2019, we set an article for you expressing all the facts improving Black Friday event.

Black Friday is a shopping fest or event held on very late of November every year mostly shifting to a mania. The reason is the extreme discounts of all markets small or big under the name of Black Friday.

Are you looking forward to the date of Black Friday Discounts?

Black Friday is held on the very next day of Thanksgiving Day celebrated in America continent following the harvest season. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November annually so Black Friday comes across to the fourth Friday of November.

Hence, the date of discounts of Black Friday is another topic to discuss.   Of course, these discounts are set on the day of Black Friday, but many shops start the dates a couple of days ago. Amazon, for instance, will start discounting on 22th of November this year and continues on the Internet in the following days.

What does “Black Friday” stand for?         

Black Friday name has been given by the USA police, for being more specific the Philadelphia police, indeed. Even, another name given by the Philadelphia Police is Black Saturday. However, only day deserving the right to be a shopping day is Black Friday.

Well then, what’s police got to do with it. Why does this enormous Police Department give such a name to a regular day? Here is the answer, that is these days are nightmare times for them. The following two days (Friday and Saturday) frighten the police because of the traffic jam.  

How did Black Friday get a positive sign?

The color black has positive meaning for accountants. The tale of it goes back a long way in the history. Briefly, accountants used to use black ink for fixing profits and red for fixing the loss. The reason was the availability of these two colors in the past. 

As a twist of fate, looking from the eye of accountants, Black Friday is also profitable Friday. Retailers geniusly changed the route of Black Friday pattern in favor of a selling strategy. So Black Friday ended its nightmare notion and gained its new definition for shopping and discount. 

How Black Friday effects sales?

Searching the registers for sales made in end-of-year season, Black Friday holds the half alone itself. Taking this season comprises approximately two full months November and December into account, it is unbelievable to compress half of the sales on a single day, Black Friday but completely true.

What is on discount?

Almost everything you can think of will be on discount for Black Friday. There is no restriction for the products that will be on discount. Clothes, shoes, cellphones and accessories, computers and accessories, TV and recently games and app-market sales will be on discount.

Especially in recent years, thanks to digitalization Black Friday emerged a promising opportunity in the tech-world. Notably Amazon, Etsy, E-Bay, App Store, Play Store, Steam and PS Store; many app-stores and game stores offer extreme discounts, e-trade websites and retailer companies offer significant discounts to customers.

In this regard, increasing economic competition turns into an opportunity for consumers as they can buy any product with the most affordable price by searching on the web.

We, as Bouletta, are ready for Black Friday as every year with our special discounts and surprise products for you. Please follow us to get information about the new discounts and new products.

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