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iPhone 9/ SE 2 Features and Price

The iPhone SE, introduced in March 2016, has been expected to be renewed for almost three years. While keeping silent on this issue during the iPhone 11 event in September caused disappointment, it is certain that the iPhone 9 / SE 2 will be released soon.

How will iPhone 9 / SE 2 features be?

To compare, the most remarkable difference from the first model is obviously the design.  The iPhone SE has the same design as the iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s. However, the design of the 9 / SE 2 model will be based on the iPhone 8.

Unlike iPhone SE, the device has a similar design with the iPhone 8, and will have a 4.7-inch screen. It is stated that the total order volume for the phone that addresses the emerging markets will be over 30 million. The phone, with three different color options: silver, gray and red, will also be offered with two storage options, 64 GB and 128 GB.

While the overall design of the phone is similar to the iPhone 8, Apple will come with A13 Bionic processor and 3 GB of RAM. Namely, despite 1 GB less RAM, it will have the same processor with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

5G support is highly expected in new iPhone models. While it is certain that 5G support will take place in iPhone 12, we will not see this technology yet in iPhone 9 / SE 2. This is one of the factors for the low price.

Indeed, 3D Touch feature will not show up in this model. Although this is the biggest drawback compared to iPhone 8, Apple seems to give up this feature with iPhone 11 models.

How much is the iPhone 9 / SE 2 price?

It is stated that Apple will sell the device with an initial price of $ 399 and will bring it together with users in the first quarter of 2020. The first estimates about the iPhone 9 / SE 2 were that more than 30 million sales would be made in 2020.

When will the iPhone 9 / SE 2 be released?

Contrary to popular belief, we will not have to wait for iPhone 9 / SE till the introduction of iPhone 12 on September. According to the new leaks, iPhone 9 / SE 2 will become official at Apple's event on March 31. The event, which introduced many digital services from Apple News + to Apple Arcade last year, was held on March 25. In the previous year’s event held on March 27, new versions of iWork applications had been launched as well as new iPads.

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