What Are The Most Functional iPhone Cases?


Smart phones have been around us for almost years, yet they keep changing rapidly each year. This change is often pioneered by Apple and their revolutionary iPhones which have been the beast of the scene for almost 10 years now. Apple’s premise was simple at the start and have not changed the since: Making sleek, functional and light smart phones. Due to diligent work and unprecedented design, Apple has managed to fulfill its premise and created a historical, almost legendary phone line that stands the test of time.


Although Apple phones look very cool and stylish, they are not very durable. They are very prone to get physical damage when dropped. Broken iPhone screens, shattered back panels and such tragic scenery is something we have gotten used to in time.



That is why we, as the Bouletta team, aim to create stylish, durable and protective iPhone cases to keep your phone in mint condition. Through passion and hard work, we make the best looking and top quality iPhone cases to protect your precious iPhones.


Leather iPhone Cases

There are many different options you can choose when it comes to iPhone cases. But maybe the best one amongst them could be Leather iPhone Cases. The reason for this is because of its durability, a Leather iPhone Case will last almost certainly longer than any other iPhone case.


Another reason for getting a leather iPhone case is it is the utmost protection you can get for your phone. It protects your phone from so many big falls.


5 Best iPhone Cases

If we had to list the best iPhone cases out there, the list would go on forever. The main reason for that is at Bouletta, we design all our iPhone case in the light of years of experience and craftsmanship. All of our products are top of the line and all have their own advantages.

One other reason it is hard to list which cases are the best 5 iPhone cases is there are different type of iPhone cases out there. One of those, leather wallet case is so different from the other cases because the functionality it brings to the table.


So, listing which iPhone case is better will be a very hard job for us because there are many awesome leather iPhone cases you can find at Bouletta.

How to Clean iPhone Cases?

Maintenance of an iPhone case is often overlooked. However, if you are using anything other than a leather iPhone case, you need to take care of your iPhone case more frequently. You need to clean the dust and other things that pile up inside your iPhone case otherwise it might cause permanent damage to your phone.


On the other hand, a leather iPhone case, which does a tremendous job of protecting your phone, hardly every needs any cleaning. The main cause of this is that leather iPhone Cases is a durable product which holds no dusts. Some leather iPhone cases can even cover all parts of your phone, which results in almost no entry of any dust to your iPhone. You can still clean the outer parts of the case with a wet wipe to make sure there is nothing.


You can check our site for the best iPhone cases to protect your iPhone from any physical treat.


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