Forget Galaxy S11, Galaxy S20 is on the stage


It was almost evident Samsung would launch Galaxy S11 in February. Yes, Samsung will absolutely launch new flagship models. However, recent reports show it will be Galaxy S20, not S11.

Samsung, being ambitious on not falling behind the rivals for model names, wants attract attention to its new models. In case of shifting to Galaxy S20, Samsung the tech-giant will carry out significant changes.

Galaxy S20 runs circles around Galaxy S11

If true, S20 Ultra / S11 Plus will be the most developed model of the series. Starting with the features; S20 series will be empowered by Snapdragon 865 in the USA and some countries, by Exynos 990 in the majority of the world.

Galaxy S20 Plus / S11 will have an AMOLED display of 6.7 inches. Having a RAM OF 12 GB and 256 GB storage the new smartphone will be supported by a 4500 mAh battery with 45W quick-charge feature.

Galaxy S20 Ultra / S11 Plus, the most powerful of series

Galaxy S20 Ultra / S11 Plus, the biggest and the most expensive of new series of Samsung, has a display of 6.9 inches.

This model is expected to be supported by a battery of 5000 mAh.

Camera Features of Galaxy S20 / S11 Series

Galaxy S20 Ultra / Galaxy S11 Plus will provide significant features to its users thanks to its camera.

Various leaks unfolding the rear camera features showed up recently. This model will be launched with 5 cameras:  four cameras, also placed in S20 Plus / S11, will be accompanied by a 2x telephoto camera. Thanks to its new camera, Samsung’s new flagship will push the limits of zooming.

According to the reports of November, Galaxy S20 Plus / Galaxy S11 will have a feature called Space Zoom. In this context, the phone is expected to be able to zoom digitally up to 100x. In addition to the three sensors, the 3D ToF sensor will be available in the new smartphone.

Periscope camera is said to be one of the biggest differences between the standard and Plus models.

Galaxy S20 Ultra / S11 Plus delights with Bluetooth

Samsung's new phone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra / Galaxy S11 Plus will be available with the latest Bluetooth version, Bluetooth 5.0, according to the certificate obtained by Samsung.

The Bluetooth certificate entitles the name as “Samsung Mobile Phone”. However, it is thought to have been issued for the new flagship model. Samsung already avoided to disclosure the names of the previous flagship models and pursued the name concealment policy until the launch of the phone.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S11 Series

Samsung's new models are expected to be available for $ 1100 in the US and Europe. Closely following the technology, Bouletta offers maximum protection and the most stylish accessories to your phones with the latest models and many colors.

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