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Apple Watch 4; Large Screen, High Speed


Apple Watch 4; Large Screen, High Speed

Apple Watch 4 has eventually been launched. Apple introduced Apple Watch 4 to the Smart Watch market with new iPhone models which have been expected for launch for long time by its fans, and what is next is the larger screen of Apple Watch 4.

What do Apple Watch 4 features serve to its users?

With its new 40 and 44 mm different sizes, Apple Watch 4 owns a 30% larger screen compared to its former models. Merging WatchOS 5 with the larger screen will provide a remarkably higher ease of use.

Upgrading in the user interface in accordance with larger screen accompanied by WatchOS5, Apple updated Photos, Maps and Calendar Apps. Therefore, these apps have been designed for users’ best utilization.

New Apple Watch 4 is empowered by a 64 bit, dual-core S4 Processor. Apple; reporting that the performance of Apple Watch 4 is doubled, retrofitted Accelerometer and Gyroscope which will make the Apple Watch 4 more powerful.

Digital Crown is re-designed for a more effective control of apps. In addition to that, the Clock Interface has been renewed. Thanks to new larger screen, users will benefit more at a single glance on the watch.

Let’s Look Closer to Features of Apple Watch 4

The new Apple Watch 4, introduced recently, offers many important innovations to its users. The irregularities of your heart rhythm will be easily detected through Smart Watch. Meanwhile in the demonstration, Apple announced new Apple Watch 4 will have Electro-cardiogram feature on it which will spit out a Data Sheet as a PDF through the Digital Crown held in the hand completing the electrical circuit in your body.

The new Apple Watch 4, which will accompany its user for any type of exercise, stands out with its 50-meter water-resistant design and improved heart rate sensor.

Electro-cardiogram sensor on the backside will be introduced to new Smart Watch users as an ECG product directly. Having been approved by FDA, Smart Watch automatically detects the users’ fall or slips.

In emergency cases smart watch will direct you automatically to make an emergency call. In case of a fainting, Apple Watch 4 will start the emergency call automatically.

One of the most significant cons of Apple Watch 4 is the non-prolonged life of the battery. Apple Watch 4, launched with its new end-to-end design, maintained the battery life as in its previous models. Apple announced that in exercise mode the battery life will last for 6 hours, which lasts 18 hours for daily use.

The new product will be available with Silver, Space Gray and Gold color and many new band options. Additionally, it was announced that the new Apple Watch 4 will be on sale in gold stainless steel case. During the event, new Nike and Hermes models were announced to be launched soon.

Apple Watch 4 Prices

Setting a price of $ 399 for its new Smart Watch, Apple demands $ 499 for the model with LTE connection.  Besides the prices of new Apple Watch 4, Apple decreased the price of Apple Watch 3 to $ 279.

What about Size Changes?

Due to the enlargement of the screen, the sizes changed as well. 38 and 42 mm sizes in the previous models, changed to 40 and 44 mm in the Apple Watch 4 model. Actually, there is not a significant change. You can use your old bands on the new Apple Watch 4. 38 mm bands can be used in 40 mm models and 42 mm bands can be used n the 44 mm models of Apple Watch 4.

Apple Watch 4 Bands

Apple Watch 4 stands out with many options for bands. Plastic, TPU and leather are the options, and leather is the healthiest one. As the bands are in direct contact with the skin, they must be not endangering the skin. Genuine leather bands are more healthy since they are produced free of chemicals. And in addition to health safety, genuine leather shines brighter as time passes by and has a longer life than its alternatives. 

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