Leather Care - What you need to know about the care and cleaning of leather accessories?


What you need to know about the care and cleaning of leather accessories?

Everyone has some leather accessories at least one in his closet which keeps up with all fashions and seasons. The products which never lose the trend fashion such as watch bands, bags, cases, belts, wallets as leather accessories expect satisfaction from you as they satisfy as well. We gathered some hints for care of leather which require more than fabric accessories.

You always have to handle and carry the leather bags and accessories very carefully.  You also need to avoid accessories having brooch-type needles on it which can damage the leather easily. Such accessories can deform the surface of your leather product as an irreversible damage. Leather is sensible to heat. In case of exposure to heated media like heaters and radiators or attempt to dry the wet surface of leather in such a way, your leather will most probably damage. In case, you leather accessory gets wet of rain, the only thing you are advised to dry it a dry fabric and place it under the Sunlight for a short time. If you forget and extend the drying time, leather color is likely to fade.  If there are splashes on the leather, you can let it evaporate for 5-10 minutes and clean with cotton. You must make sure of closing the taps of perfume, cologne, deodorant bottles that you carry in your bag. Likewise, you need to avoid carrying sharp objects in your bag which can tear the leather.

You need to take care of the leather since you start using it first. On times you do not use, you can place papers or sponges inside the accessory to avoid cracks and deformations on the surface of leather. You also need to avoid direct sunlight and wet places which will damage the leather in relatively short time. If you are planning not to use your leather product for a long time, you can extend its lifetime by cleaning it with care lubricants which do not contain heavy chemicals and paints after cleaning it with wet cotton. If you do not have a care lubricant at your home, you can clean it with cotton with some vaseline on it. You can also use the same method for avoiding stiffening of your accessories after drying the wet leather.

Leather cases and accessories require intense care as far as they are actively in use. You can have a longer usage of them by a frequent care period. As far as you apply the advices mentioned above, you will spend more happy times with your beloved leather accessories.

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