What are RFID-Blocking Wallets?


RFID WALLET : Maximum Technological Protection

In today's fast information world everyone has many credit cards as well. Along with the digitalizing world, we now have to protect our cards not only physically but also against digital threats.  We have to keep our cards with RFID technology in secure wallets designed with protection foil in order to prevent the transfer of the information contained in our contactless transaction-enabled cards to the people we do not want  for electronic theft events using the technology of card copying with the development of technology.

What is RFID (RadioFrequencyIDentification)?

RadioFrequencyIdentification (RFID) technology is used for the detection and monitoring of live and non-living beings at any distance thanks to radioactive waves without the need of contact. RFID technologies are used in many sectors and are spreading worldwide. Automotive, fuel, logistics, retail, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, textile, energy, public, production, security, tourism, finance and banking

How RFID (RadioFrequencyIDentification) Works 

RFID is the system providing payment and identification features by using radio wave identification technology without contacting the cards and requiring encryption. The working principle of RFID technology is based on radio waves. Thanks to this technology, the non-contact process card continuously emitting radio waves (signals), transmits the information contained in it to any radio waves or devices that can read the waves it emits, without the need for any password or approval, ie without your knowledge. This way, information can be exchanged via radio waves without our will.

How can we take action against electronic thieves?

Today, every individual who has been integrated into social life has a card that uses RFID technology. Therefore, each individual is likely to be a potential target of electronic thieves, unfortunately. To eliminate this risk, it is enough to keep your cards with RFID technology in RFID protected products and this will prevent likewise thefts. The RFID protection foil is processed between the surface material and the liner and blocks the frequency connection to prevent undesired detection and transfer of personal information. 

How Do We Know If Our Cards Have RFID Technology? 

* If your cards have contactless process feature,

* If there is radio wave signal on it,

* If your passport carries a chip on it

* If your card has PayPass, PayWaveve or Blink,


Your personal information is unfortunately a potential target for electronic thieves. RFID protection lined cases have been developed to protect your cards against electronic thieves.

As Bouletta we follow the developing technologies step-by-step and continue to offer solutions to daily needs. With our different product range and hundreds of colors, we offer our RFID protection lined wallets for your use.


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