Best Halloween Gifts - Leather Phone Case, Leather Wallet Case , Leather Laptop Bags and more…

Best Halloween Gifts - Leather Phone Case, Leather Wallet Case , Leather Laptop Bags and more…

One of the most enjoyable sides of Halloween is to surprise our loved ones. Even if the purpose of Halloween is not to give gifts, orange leather phone cases and wallet cases might be a good idea to surprise our friends or buy an accessory for our costume.

The Bouletta team has prepared a selection of orange products for this year's Halloween. From the most preferred leather phone cases to the latest models, products have been selected and presented to your liking with a special coupon code with 15% off. Code:  HALLOWEEN



Let’s  inform you about the features and functionality of the selected cases and bags before taking advance of the big sale!

Leather Wallet  Cases with Shoulder Strap & Universal Phone Case

There is a choice of 3 different models in this category.

Saff Ultimate Wallet Case has elegant design for people who do not want to use extra wallet. It has 4 credit card slots at the back and one of them is transparent for ID card. Thus it is enough to hold your cards.

With this special elegant design, you can freely use your hands, or you can walk around freely. Moreover your phone will be safe; it is away from falling down or undesirable circumstances. Shoulder Strap is adjustable shoulder strap, high quality metal hook.


The third model acts as both a handbag and a phone case.

Marlo | Leather Women Hand Bag - Leather Wallet Case - Universal Phone Case is built to navigate the streets with effortlessly cool and a chic statement. It is a luxury choice for everyday use.

You can easily access the main compartment thanks to its magnetic cover. We are confident that our magnets are premium and strongest magnets.

Inside the main compartment there is a large compartment where you can store your daily items like your phone or a small notebook. You can put your money or coins in them.



Leather Wallet Cases & Leather Cases with Card Holder

One of the most preferred products in recent years, leather wallet case and phone case with card holder.

It is preferred to have the most used items together during the day. Wallet and phone are the items we use most frequently during the day. Leather wallet cases that we can carry both together are designed for this and are very functional. In addition, leather wallet cases with RFID protection technology make your phone and cards more secure against electronic theft.


Leather Laptop Bags

Like smartphones, we use our laptops every day, carrying them to and from work or class. But, because our laptop is one of the most expensive belongings we own, it’s important we take good care of it.

Check out the Bouletta leather laptop bags we have selected for Halloween and add cart the one that suits you best!




Not only these but also for leather wallets, leather belts, leather watch straps, leather ipad covers, leather credit card wallets, leather travel bags, leather airpods cases and all leather phone case models click the link and start shopping to take advance of the sale valid until November 5th!

 Happy Halloween 

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