Leather products for accessories are always an elegant choice from wallet cases to watchbands. Recently, people tend to seek from the ancient methods for the achieving best quality leather, vegetal leather.

If at the mere mention of the word a leather you see the iconic furniture in an architect’s home on Pinterest, then the thing you think of is vegetable-tanned leather.

How do we achieve it?

Vegetable leather is an artisan process mixing antique and traditional methods to get naturally best outcomes. The well-known method of vegetable tanning is based on the use of natural tannins, an acid extracted from the trees. This formula transforms the animal hide into durable and comfortable leather. These ingredients make the leather unique, classy and easily distinguishable. The transformation of raw leather happens so slowly since it is a part of the natural cycle. In these applications, we seek to environmental sustainability therefore; we refrain from using the common chemicals.

Why do we choose this method?

This method has been known for the ancient times therefore we are committed to the knowledge that the tradition stands for: aesthetic concerns and sustainability. We simply respect what nature does: We give it to back to nature that we had taken before. The ingredient we use does not contain any chemicals harmful to the human. We seek to long-term investment for our customers, so we choose the hard one rather than the quick and cheap methods.

Also, these techniques make the leather more unique compared to industrial methods. As the time passes, the patterns give the leather the brilliant and natural shades in using daily-life. Therefore, you can feel the exceptional quality of the leather. We believe that the work of the craftsman attains the quality of the product higher.

What are the features of a vegetable leather?

  • Veg-tan leather does not contain any toxic substance such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP or chrome VI. These mentioned chemicals are inevitable for 85% of the leather industry.
  • A veg-tan product can easily be disposed at the end of its life, it preserves the ecology of the planet. Therefore, the footprint on the planet significantly decreases.
  • It encourages the artisanry methods instead of standardized industrial methods. That’s why it is completely unique. The human touch on the leather gives the value of our products.
  • It gives the feeling of the excellence when you touch it. It is clearly differentiable from the other. The interesting patterns in the leather is also a good combination for other accessories especially if you love Vintage style.
  • The ingredients the we use are also anti-allergenic for those have intolerance against metals. You do not have to think twice when you get it.

Finally, if you consider your health and ecological concerns and look for the unique and stylish leather, vegetable-tanned leather would be one of the best choices for your accessories.

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