11 Best Leather Phone Cases

11 Best Leather Phone Cases

Mobile phones are almost an essential need in the year of 2020. The development process of the phones has been a fast and a surprising one over the years. The reason it was surprising that 20 year ago, phones did not even have a camera, but now, the phones have 2 extra cameras in addition to the main one.

IPhone 11 Magic Wallet

So, it was a rapid development process, but are the mobile phones perfect nowadays? Unfortunately, they are not and have still long way to go. One of the main reasons they are far from perfect is their physical fragility.


Over the years, phone companies have put a little less importance to the physical durability of the phones. This was because they thought that how a phone looked is more important than how strong it is.

IPhone XS Max Ultimate Book Leather Phone Cases

But do not worry, we understand our customers want both strong phones and have them look stylish. That’s why we are designing the best leather phone cases, which protects your phones from many external threats while still looking awesome.

Wallet Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S10

Luxury Leather Phone Cases

Leather is one of the most preferred products when it comes to phone cases. The upsides of leather are it is strong, it does not need constant maintenance and it looks good with anything you wear.

Wallet Folio Case with ID slot for Samsung Galaxy S7

We at Bouletta, offer you the finest pieces of leather products, from leather phone cases to leather bags and sleeves. Our products are a result of years of expertise in leather production and hard work. Our goal is to unite our customer with the best looking phone cases depending on their choices.

Wallet Folio Case with ID slot for Samsung Galaxy S7

If you are looking for a luxury leather phone case, you are in luck. At Bouletta, we offer you the finest luxury leather phone cases that are unique. In each phone case we have, the details, the craftsmanship, and everything else is distinct from the others.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases iPhone 11

iPhone 11, one of the latest installments of iPhone series by Apple, has gained itself so many positive reviews by the users since the day it was released. It is already a household product for apple and has huge improvements over the previous iPhone installments.

iPhone 11, like all the other iPhone models, has a trademark Apple design that is simple and elegant. It is a next generation mobile phone with everything you can imagine. However, if you do not like its design, it is totally understandable. Because it is a metallic device after all, and they do not design those with user’s fashion style on their minds.

IPhone 11 Magic Wallet

If you are searching for something more stylish and flexible looking for your iPhone 11, you are in the right place. At Bouletta, there are dozens of leather phone cases you can choose from to fit your iPhone to your fashion preferences.

Flex Cover Back Leather Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Our leather phone cases are both fashionable and durable. It gives you the sense of security while looking great with your pants, shoes or belt. Years of experience in designing leather products, expertise in craftsmanship and having a timeless sense of fashion has helped us a lot in this journey to design the very best leather iPhone 11 cases for our customers.

F360 Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case with RFID Blocker for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases with Card Holder

Multi Leather Case with Card Holder for IPhone X

An alternative to usual leather phone cases, leather phone cases with card holders, also known as leather wallet phone case, are one of those products that are both very useful and beautiful. We gathered the elegance of leather with a little bit usefulness. The result was the leather wallet phone cases.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases with Card Holder is not only very useful by design, but it also helps you to be a little bit more methodical. Thanks to leather phone cases with card holders everything you need is at a same place with no extra requirements of space. The reason for this is we carry our phones to everywhere anyways so leather phone cases with cardholders makes the protection of your phone into a very useful and spacious wallet.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone X / iPhone XS


If you are looking for something both efficient and stylish, the leather phone cases with card holders is just the product you are looking for. Check out our best designs for leather wallet phone cases, which we crafted with years of experience in molding the leather.

IPhone 11 Phone Case

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