Cyber Monday, Shopping is not over!


In fact, it is not a coincidence shopping events fall on late November. Many countries call December as holiday season. Therefore, the big portion of Christmas shopping is done on late November; which is why Cyber Monday is held very soon to Black Friday. However, developmental progress and history is not in same classification to challenge with Black Friday.

When Cyber Monday discounts start?

As we said above, Cyber Monday is held on the very next Monday of Black Friday. For this reason, Cyber Monday will be held on 2nd of December 2019. But discount dates, unfortunately, are not as flexible as Black Friday.

Cyber Monday arises to challenge with Black Friday

Cyber Monday was first held in year 2005. The company was to name and start Cyber Monday. Internet utility was not so wide for house usage in those years for doing on-line shopping. Shopping scale was measured to increase in likewise times. Big shops started discounts only for on-line sales as to compete with Black Friday via the new day, Cyber Monday.

Well then, why is it Cyber Monday, not Cyber Saturday?  Because, researches showed that people do their shopping mostly on Monday. As we told before, lack of Internet utility in houses heads the people to use fast computers and fast connection in workplaces or likewise on Monday, the first day of week. 

Therefore, Monday is the most promising day for on-line shopping companies. They managed to utilize this opportunity highly thanks to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

The most significant difference between these two was the sales strategy, that is, Cyber Monday followed an on-line shopping strategy unlike the retail sales strategy of Black Friday. That is to say, people were going to shops on Friday and to computers on Monday.

For now, companies make on-line sales on Black Friday almost as much as on Cyber Monday. Although, still thousands of people wait in queues before shops, Black Friday has become one of the biggest shareholders of on-line shopping sector.  

How Mobile Tech and Social Media effects Cyber Monday

Usage of social media is increasing day by day. One third of users say they search for the Cyber Monday promotions of their popular shops on their Facebook pages. Twice this number say they check the reviews before buying something.

 Based on the social media behavioral characteristics of consumers, shops have started making item promotions and launches via social media. Half of these shops optimize their websites for mobile usage and even 20% of these shops do this optimization for tablet usage. Many of them also place QR Codes on billboards or magazines forwarding to product sales pages.


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