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Apple launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. How much do the launched models of iPhone cost? This event aroused curiosity all over the world. Here are all the details.

Apple emerged its iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max surprisingly. By 12th of September, iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max were introduced into market.

iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max succeeded dissuading the majority interested in iPhone with Red XS and iPhone XS Max. So, what are the features of new iPhone models of Apple? You can find as in the following.

How much will iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max cost?

Here are the prices: iPhone 7 starting from $449, iPhone 8 starting from $ 599, iPhone XR $ 749, iPhone XS Max $ 999 and iPhone XS Max starting from $ 1099.

Apple’s history is full of innovation, success and R&D. Apple has always leaded the sector and determined the standards since Macintosh Mac OS X through iPod up to iPad.

Apple, starting its life in a garage and having overcome many economic problems when it turned into a global company, achieved being the leader company in technology in the world by its products based on innovative concept. Apple, which lost $ 816 million in 1996 and returned from the threshold of closure, closed 2010 with a record profit of $ 14 billion.

It is always hard to guess the future plans of Apple which has always been a Black-box especially for the health problems of its Legend CEO Steve Jobs.

Nowadays, there are claims that Apple will cooperate consumer electronics products companies, and introduce Internet TV’s providing iTunes connection. In addition, rumor has it that, Apple is working on Apple Tv which will support applications downloaded from AppStore.

What are the features of iPhone XS?

The new model will be similar to its predecessor in terms of the screen, with the 5.8-inch OLED screen at a resolution of 1125x2436 pixels and a pixel density of 458 PPI.

New iPhone XS which will be empowered by Apple’s A12 processor can assume the title of being the first Smart phone using 7nm Processor.

A12 Processor will be 20% faster and will waste 40% less power than A11. Architectural innovations inherited from A11, will be merged with 7nm production technology performance and low power-consumption in A12.

iPhone XS and XS Plus models will be equipped with 4GB RAM. 64/256 and 512 GB internal space for storage will be available as options. Reportedly, a low-cost LCD model will be launched with 3GB RAM.

iPhone XS Max features?

Screen: 6,5 inches with notch, Super Retina, 2688x1242 pixels, 3D Touch, True Tone

Processor: Apple A12 Bionic

Ram: 4GB RAM

Storage: 64 Gb/ 256 GB / 512 GB storage space

Back Camera: 12 Megapixel f/1,8 and 12 Megapixel f/2,4, True Depth

Front Camera: 7 Megapixel with focal aperture, f/2,2

Operating System: iOS 12

Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, A-GPS, GLONASS


What will be the features of iPhone XS Max?

Apple’s new iPhone models, as expected, are empowered by A12 Bionic processor produced with 7nm fabrication process. It will be the second processor in terms of its 7nm fabrication process after Kirin 980, which will be introduced by Huawei in Mate 20 series.

A12 bionic, including 6,9 billion transistors, will be 15% faster than its predecessor A11 Bionic. Also, A12, having six Processor cores and 4 graphic cores, is the landlord of Neural Engine.

In A12, GPU performance is increased of 50% with respect to A11. And it is expected to be 20% in average in daily life.

iPhone XS Max has a large Screen!

The notch which was introduced to us in iPhone X and high screen/ case ratio has been kept in iPhone XS Max which has a gigantic screen of 6,5 inches. Therefore, a larger screen is launched almost in the same size with iPhone 8 Plus.

This screen provides 2688x1242 pixel resolution and 458 PPI pixel density. 3D Touch and True Tone is still used and 120 Hz is the refreshing time.

Being launched with max storage of 512 GB and by IP68 certificate being durable to dust and water, iPhone XS Max has three different color options; Space Grey, Silver and Gold.

AR, Emoji and Siri shortcuts are 9 times faster and consumes less power. Apple who wants to show the graphic power of new iPhones, made a demo with a game named Elder Scrolls.

iPhone XS Max Camera Features

As mentioned above, iPhone XS max provides 2 cameras of 12 pixels at the backside. Main cam with wide angle has f/1,8 focal aperture and telephoto cam has f/2,4. The new iPhone with OIS provides 2x optical zoom as previous models.

Apple announced that iPhone XS Max is upgraded with new cam-sensors (All-new sensor) and back cam is empowered with Improved True Tone Flash. Front cam is 7 MP which has a focal aperture of f/2,2.

Moreover, Infrared cam still maintains its position in iPhone XS Max for Face ID Technology. 

Double SIM Support

iPhone XS supports dual SIM. That works with software based eSIM standards. In order to benefit this, feature your mobile vendor must provide support. Chinese models support physical double SIM cards. The SIM slot can be loaded with two SIM cards each on opposite faces. e SIM looks tough to challenge for double SIM.


How to protect your new iPhone?

Although, your new iPhone is secured with different certificates, sometimes it is really hard to save it from unusual circumstances like falling on the ground, being drawn with a scissors by your child on the screen or so forth.

You can secure your iPhone XS and XS Max both durable, tough and stylish. Leather cases both provide a chic appearance to your phone and secures it with its internal tough design.

Leather is both healthy and nice looking. It will shine brighter and gain its original color as far as you use it. 

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