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Premium Leather Apple Watch Bands Selection Guide

Premium Leather Apple Watch Bands Selection Guide

Being Chic in the Technological Era

Our eras can be defined as a technological era because every person is using at least one technological device. This device’s settled our life and we are satisfied with this situation. According to the researchers; after developing android and iOS devices people are not communicating with a phone call, they are communicating with their technological device’s application.

Apple Products

Leather Apple Watch Bands 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm

All around the world Apple products are the most widely used communication brand. If the user’s dropped it or wants to replace some parts, they have to search for some companies. Technological devices have a lot of additional accessories all around the world but you have to pay attention to these companies' reliability, quality, and cost politics. Our company is providing all of these.

Apple has plenty of models and one of these models is Apple Watch. Smartwatch is one of the useful devices on our global earth. These watches should be appropriate for your wrist. Exactly about this situation our company can help you. Our genuine leather Apple Watch bands are offering wide combinations. Our 38mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, 40mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, 42mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, 44mm Leather Apple Watch Bands are convenient with your original Apple watches.

Apple Watches Bands for Our Valuable Costumers

Our products are an excellent fit with Apple watches series 1 to series 6 and series SE. Our Apple watches straps have 38mm and 40 mm, 42mm, and 44mm types. We have to define this strongly our products are original leather. You should aware of this, you are not buying poor quality strap, you are buying our perfect quality products.

Our products have plenty of color options. Our straps color’s black, blue, burgundy, brown, cream, green, grey, leopard, mink, mustard, nude, pink, purple, red, tan, white, and yellow. We are sure about this point; when you can see our products the first time, you are going to say this “I am pleased to buy this” Every watch has a connector and you can freely select color at our website. Our connector colors are black, blue, red, silver, gold, rose gold, space grey. You can combine your watch as to your wish. You are not going to extra money for this selection. We are offering free this to our customers.

Our quality products are offering a diverse combination. If your Apple watch is 38mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, 40mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, 42mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, or 44mm Leather Apple Watch Bands, you can decide without doing any hesitation, because our products will fit for your smartwatch.

Leather Apple Watch Bands Color Connectors

For Durability and Long Life To Your strap, We Recommend Leather Balm

On the other hand, we have to say that; every leather (even if it’s high quality) can be worn. You don’t need to worry about this problem. We thought possible wearing and we are selling leather balm for preventing water, powder, and other negative effects. You can apply our leather balm two times with a 10 minutes break with a soft cloth. After applying you will see the benefit to our product. You can order this product from this link: https://shop.bouletta.com/products/bouletta-leather-balm

Other Brands Straps

Our website offering other brand’s smartwatches straps but product diversity is not extended if you compare the apple products. We have had watch straps for Xiaomi, Lg, Samsung and

Huawei and appropriate with 22mm models. Our products appropriate for Samsung Gear S3 Classics, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm, Xiaomi Amaze fit Pace and Stratos watch 2; Lg G Watch, G Watch R, Urbane and W7 also Huawei Watch 2 Classic. Also, these watches have seven different connector color. (these are black, blue, red, silver, gold, rose gold, and space grey) Connector sizes are the same as Apple Watches. Our products are unisex you can use these straps with peace of mind.

Besides all of the technological device equipment we are selling wallets, holders, bags, sleeves, Aiprpod cases, belts, desk mats and pads, keychains, toiletry, make-up bags, and wrist bands. We are going to describe and introduce these products.

Phone Cases

Leather Phone Cases

Phone cases are substantially essential for mobile devices. These products will give protection to your mobile phone. In addition to this property, it seems fascinating and expensive. Our products are exactly matching with this definition. Our phone cases are convenient with iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 7, Iphone 8, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone X Series, Samsung 20, and Samsung Note 20 Series. This product has 20 different color options. Above the product's metal is high quality. Our phone cases are original leather.

Wallets and Holders

Leather Walletts and Card Holder

Every people wants versatile wallets because there is plenty of credit card, money, identity card, and driving license, etc. You have to carry on all of these all day. Our versatile and genuine leather wallets and holders exactly for you. This product has ten different color options and the existing three different models. From these models, Palermo is versatile, fascinating, and genuine leather. If you choose Aaron you will feel like bosses. Also, Multima is made of genuine cow leather. The models of Aaron and Palermo are for men, whereas Multima models for women.

Bags and Sleeves

Leather Bags for womens

Bags are crucial, especially for women because they need them more than men. A perfect bag should look first-class, vivid, durable, and brilliant. In addition to all of these, it can be deserves given money. Our bags are produced high-quality genuine leather. Our products look elegant and there are many useful pockets inside the bag. Metal details are made from high-quality material. There are eleven different color combinations for our bags. Prices are very cheap if you consider quality and workmanship.

Other Accessories

Leather Apple Airpods Cases

Accessories are important to both men and women. Every people deserves to look chic and shining. Our thought is, accessories should be designed and produce for this aim. Our accessories are a leather toiletry bag, Airpods case, keyring, keychain, makeup bag, and cardholder. There are nine different color combinations. We are using quality plastics and metals. All of our products are made of genuine leather. Our Airpod cases have a worth seeing design and appearance. AirPods is a device that could be charging. We thought of this specialty of the AirPods and we designed our AirPods cases considering charge operation. This AirPods case has a small hole for charging your device. It is useful and practical. Our bags' dimensions appropriate for women and men. Our valuable clients can see the dimensions under the product explanation.

Leather Goods from Bouletta

We are delivering our products to America and Canada in 2 Business day also delivering to Europe in 1 day.

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