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Customizable Leather Case | Flex Cover Back with Card Holder Model



Create Your Own Cover.

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The images completely describe the sheath model. You can request more information about the Leather you choose via

There are 3 different leather style options for the customizable Flex Cover Back Model Bouletta leather cover.

1- The part where you can find the most preferred leather types are the most demanded colors by our customers.

2- Vegetable Leather Style is a leather type consisting entirely of vegetable skins. It is a great choice for those who do not want animal skin. It has a smooth surface that feels pleasant to your hand.

3- Floater Leather Style, The color will not be uniform as it is a two-tone leather where the tone changes between the surface and cracks, but deep, rich patina continues to develop throughout the life of the product.

Flex Cover Back with Card Holder Model Leather Cover;

  • It is a handmade genuine leather case.
  • It provides easy access to charging and earphone ports.
  • Its plastic covers are elastic.
  • It has 2 card holder for business cards or credit cards.
  • It is very slim to keep and using it easy in pocket or bag.
  • The lightweight frame provides structure, stability and safety.
  • After using, this case will have natural appearance.
  • This case can protect across to falling down through durable structure
  • Also, camera elements were used easily thanks to this case.

About Personalization

Visit our page for Customization Examples and more information.

Customizable Leather Case | Flex Cover Back with Card Holder Model


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