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Customizable Leather Case | Wallet Follio with ID Slot Model



Create Your Own Cover.

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The images completely describe the sheath model. You can request more information about the Leather you choose via

There are 3 different leather style options for the customizable Flex Cover Back Model Bouletta leather cover.

1- The part where you can find the most preferred leather types are the most demanded colors by our customers.

2- Vegetable Leather Style is a leather type consisting entirely of vegetable skins. It is a great choice for those who do not want animal skin. It has a smooth surface that feels pleasant to your hand.

3- Floater Leather Style, The color will not be uniform as it is a two-tone leather where the tone changes between the surface and cracks, but deep, rich patina continues to develop throughout the life of the product.

Wallet Follio with ID Slot Model Case (Non-Detachable);

  • It is made by 100% genuine leather.
  • High quality materials were used this case with natural leather
  • It includes three card slots and one paper money pocket.
  • It holds 4 - 6 credit cards or 8 -10 business cards.
  • TPU (soft plastic) was used for phone case part. High tensile strength, elongation, long-term low compression permanent deformation rate are the obvious advantages of TPU.
  • The design of the case lets the screen in standing position for easy viewing.
  • It Includes magnetic clip allows for quick fastening and access without any hassle.
  • This case can protect across to falling down.
  • You can easily use all the entries (camera, charger, headset, etc.) thanks to this case.
  • The model's¬†RFID¬†protection technology makes your phone and cards more secure against electronic theft.
  • Leather is a natural product, and as such leather carries its origin. Each of the products is different from each other and it is not a defect, just the opposite is an additional feature that makes it unique. Thus it may slightly differ to product pictures.

About Personalization

Visit our page for Customization Examples and more information.

Customizable Leather Case | Wallet Follio with ID Slot Model


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