Leather Wallets & Holders

Leather Wallets & Holders

We always want our life and our bag to be organized, so everything should have a place here. Leather wallets, card cases are required so that all cards are always at hand; With their help, it is much easier to avoid chaos.

Women’s wallets are an important image accent. Their beautiful designs allow you to express your style. Those looking for a wider range of options will attract high-end fans, such as leather wallets; sturdy leather guarantees the wallet's durability.

One of the important advantages when purchasing a leather mechanism card holders men’s wallets are the color selection. You can find leather products in various colors on our web site. Blacks, browns, and blues can give a business look. Greens, reds, whites will complement a certain style or simply delight their owner with color saturation.


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Leather Ben Wallet Bouletta LTDLeather Ben Wallet Bouletta LTD
Sale price819 SEK
Passat Leather Wallet - Leather Card Holder G6 Bouletta B2BPassat Leather Wallet - Leather Card Holder Bouletta B2B
Sale price669 SEK
Lozan Leather Strap Wallet erc1 BoulettaLozan Leather Strap Wallet Bouletta
Sale price887 SEK
Leather Palertag Zip Mechanical Card Holder Blue Bouletta B2BLeather Palertag Zip Mechanical Card Holder Bouletta B2B
Sale price614 SEK
Bouletta Leather Nigra Wallet Brn4ef BoulettaBouletta Leather Nigra Wallet Bouletta
Sale price477 SEK
Mondello Leather Card Holder Tan Bouletta LTDMondello Leather Card Holder Bouletta LTD
Sale price614 SEK
Zip Leather Card Holder BoulettaZip Leather Card Holder Bouletta
Sale price682 SEK
Torres Leather Mechanical Card Holder Rustic Tan With Effect BoulettaTorres Leather Mechanical Card Holder Bouletta
Sale price546 SEK