15 Best Wallet Phone Cases for Your Phone

15 Best Wallet Phone Cases for Your Phone

When it comes to picking a phone case for your phone, every people have their preferences. Some like it stylish, some like it useful, some like it protective. Imagine all their preferences, packed in one deal and presented to them, what would happen? No, you do not need to imagine anymore because it already happened. 
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3 Reasons Why You Need A Leather Wallet Phone Case

3 Reasons Why You Need A Leather Wallet Phone Case

Mobile phones are such a big part of people’s lives in the 21st century. Looking at 15 years back, you can see that phones have come a long way to be what they are today. They have changed and evolved to process so many information and help people in almost every aspect of their daily lives. Yet after all this progress, the mobile phones still have their flaws. One of those flaws may be the biggest one, is their fragility.


Even though mobile phone companies have started to focus more on the durability of their products, they still have a long way to perfect them. 


Fortunately, you do not need to rely on the design and material of your phone for durability and resistance. You can find everything you need for the safety of your phone in Bouletta. 



 In addition to leather phone cases, we also offer many more leather products for the safety of your devices. One of those products, Leather Wallet Phone Cases, offer you comfort and safety while being very stylish. 

Advantages of Leather Wallet Phone Case

When it comes to keeping your mobile phone safe, the leather case is one of the best options you can choose from. If it is not enough to satisfy you, do not worry, versatility is our strong suit! We offer thousands of different phone cases and phone case wallets. You can check out our Leather Wallet Phone Cases, which can hold your credit cards and money while also protecting your phone from impacts, scratches and more.


Leather Wallet Phone Cases can hold everything you need: your debit cards, money, phone, identification cards and much more. As a result, leather wallet phone cases can reduce the clutter in your pockets, wallet, bags and purses. They give you room and flexibility while protecting your phone and looking distinguishably awesome.  


Another advantage of leather wallet phone case is that it helps you organize and work so much better. In this day and age where people constantly shop and spend money through their phones, keeping your debit cards close to your phone is very useful: This way, you do not need to memorize your card info. Whenever you are about to buy something online on your phone, you can simply check your credit card info in only a few seconds. This might save you tremendous time the next time you buy something online.


Leather Wallet Phone Cases can make your life significantly easier while making sure that your expensive and precious smartphone is protected from impacts, scratches and various other types of physical damage.



Top Rated Leather Wallet Phone Cases in Bouletta

There are many options you can choose from in Bouletta. Although all of our phone cases are produced with top quality material, some of them attract more attention than the others.One of our top products, leather wallet phone case for iPhone 11 pro, is crafted with upmost attention and care. Another product we are proud about, leather wallet phone case for GALAXY S20 has become almost an instant classic and has so many positive reviews from our customers.


If you are looking for something more colourful, you can view our leather wallet phone case for iPhone X/XS. There are many different options you can choose. All of our products are results of years of craftsmanship and experience.


If you are looking for a leather wallet phone cases, look no more. In Bouletta, you can find the top of the line leather wallet phone cases each with their own unique look and design. 


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11 Best Leather Phone Cases

11 Best Leather Phone Cases

Mobile phones are almost an essential need in the year of 2020. The development process of the phones has been a fast and a surprising one over the years. The reason it was surprising that 20 year ago, phones did not even have a camera, but now, the phones have 2 extra cameras in addition to the main one.

IPhone 11 Magic Wallet

So, it was a rapid development process, but are the mobile phones perfect nowadays? Unfortunately, they are not and have still long way to go. One of the main reasons they are far from perfect is their physical fragility.


Over the years, phone companies have put a little less importance to the physical durability of the phones. This was because they thought that how a phone looked is more important than how strong it is.

IPhone XS Max Ultimate Book Leather Phone Cases

But do not worry, we understand our customers want both strong phones and have them look stylish. That’s why we are designing the best leather phone cases, which protects your phones from many external threats while still looking awesome.

Wallet Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S10

Luxury Leather Phone Cases

Leather is one of the most preferred products when it comes to phone cases. The upsides of leather are it is strong, it does not need constant maintenance and it looks good with anything you wear.

Wallet Folio Case with ID slot for Samsung Galaxy S7

We at Bouletta, offer you the finest pieces of leather products, from leather phone cases to leather bags and sleeves. Our products are a result of years of expertise in leather production and hard work. Our goal is to unite our customer with the best looking phone cases depending on their choices.

Wallet Folio Case with ID slot for Samsung Galaxy S7

If you are looking for a luxury leather phone case, you are in luck. At Bouletta, we offer you the finest luxury leather phone cases that are unique. In each phone case we have, the details, the craftsmanship, and everything else is distinct from the others.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases iPhone 11

iPhone 11, one of the latest installments of iPhone series by Apple, has gained itself so many positive reviews by the users since the day it was released. It is already a household product for apple and has huge improvements over the previous iPhone installments.

iPhone 11, like all the other iPhone models, has a trademark Apple design that is simple and elegant. It is a next generation mobile phone with everything you can imagine. However, if you do not like its design, it is totally understandable. Because it is a metallic device after all, and they do not design those with user’s fashion style on their minds.

IPhone 11 Magic Wallet

If you are searching for something more stylish and flexible looking for your iPhone 11, you are in the right place. At Bouletta, there are dozens of leather phone cases you can choose from to fit your iPhone to your fashion preferences.

Flex Cover Back Leather Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Our leather phone cases are both fashionable and durable. It gives you the sense of security while looking great with your pants, shoes or belt. Years of experience in designing leather products, expertise in craftsmanship and having a timeless sense of fashion has helped us a lot in this journey to design the very best leather iPhone 11 cases for our customers.

F360 Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case with RFID Blocker for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases with Card Holder

Multi Leather Case with Card Holder for IPhone X

An alternative to usual leather phone cases, leather phone cases with card holders, also known as leather wallet phone case, are one of those products that are both very useful and beautiful. We gathered the elegance of leather with a little bit usefulness. The result was the leather wallet phone cases.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Leather Phone Cases with Card Holder is not only very useful by design, but it also helps you to be a little bit more methodical. Thanks to leather phone cases with card holders everything you need is at a same place with no extra requirements of space. The reason for this is we carry our phones to everywhere anyways so leather phone cases with cardholders makes the protection of your phone into a very useful and spacious wallet.

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone X / iPhone XS


If you are looking for something both efficient and stylish, the leather phone cases with card holders is just the product you are looking for. Check out our best designs for leather wallet phone cases, which we crafted with years of experience in molding the leather.

IPhone 11 Phone Case

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Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Cases

Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Cases

Samsung Galaxy 20 Leather Phone Case! Soon!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 20! Actively discussed on social networks, a novelty from a world-famous brand. This is a stylish smartphone from the Note series, which managed to attract attention long before the release. Like his predecessor, it will get excellent performance and carefully thought-out design details. However, any mobile phone can be made even more attractive and personalized with a leather Samsung Note 20 case!

Large Selection of Original Products with Delivery

You can buy a Samsung Note 20 leather case from us at an attractive cost. We offer only originals directly from the handmade manufacturer. In our collection we have collected models of various types in a wide variety. Here you will find products of various styles - from minimalism to over style!


Soon in stock! you can buy it on our website:

Our online website offers you the following benefits:

  • wide range of positions;
  • free counseling;
  • fast courier delivery;
  • regular discounts;
  • seasonal sales;
  • intuitive directory interface.

Samsun Galaxy Note 20

A special filtering system allows you to buy a best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case without assistance. Set the desired search parameters depending on the planned budget and taste preferences and wait for the most suitable list of product names. The filtering system will sort the line items exactly according to your quality criteria.

Style Your Phone! Shine Yourself!

We constantly monitor updates on the modern market and replenish our assortment with the latest innovations. The famous Samsung company is a leader in the field of mobile development. New devices of the brand are made considering fashion trends and using advanced technologies. Even such high-quality devices need reliable protection. To do this, just buy an armored style Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leather phone case at a bargain price.


samsung galaxy note 20 leather phone cases

If you prefer concise, lightweight, and wear-resistant options, it is worth considering leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - a popular material. Its undeniable advantages include:

  • pleasant to the touch surface;
  • ease of care;
  • softness;
  • elasticity;
  • resistance to wear;
  • variety of colors.

Leather case models are pleasant to hold in your hand, they do not slip, do not accumulate dust on themselves. Even with intensive use, they continue to maintain their aesthetics and performance properties. It is easy to install, clean from stains and dirt.

Leather Galaxy 20 Phone Case; Long Lasting Use

Leather cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 are practical, universal and one of the most popular protective elements for the gadget. Wear-resistant is characterized by elasticity, which greatly simplifies the process of putting on and removing. In contact with the skin does not cause allergic reactions in the form of redness. Perforation provides a more confident grip, so the risk of dropping the device is minimized. Interesting and vibrant prints in combination with original colors will add some zest to your everyday look.

The bumper cover on the Samsung Note 20 has sufficient strength, which makes it possible to level the destructive force arising from contact with a hard surface. In direct sunlight, in conditions of high humidity and sudden changes in temperature, the product retains its pristine qualities. The provided holes for camera modules, speakers, connectors, and physical buttons allow you to use smart smartly. To view photos, listen to music tracks or recharge the battery, you do not need to remove the case.

Get Ready for Iphone 12 Cases!

Get Ready for Iphone 12 Cases!

Get Ready for Iphone 12! Are You Ready to Show Your Style!

The iPhone 12 is striking at first glance with its sleek design; angular lines, a wide range of body colors, and versatility are again in fashion. The main camera with six image sensors is especially interesting. Use it to get perfect shots. Such a smartphone must be carefully protected from the slightest scratches and other damage? Reliable protection will be a durable and modern case for iPhone 12, ideally suited to it in all respects.

Case for Iphone 12: Types of Protective Products

We produce phone cases for the new iPhone 12. Are you ready for leather iPhone 12 phone cases, in stock soon!

iPhone 12 Leather Phone Cases; Properties Of Different Materials

The cheapest iPhone 12 cases are silicone. It is very flexible. It can be painted in any color or just transparent. Over time, low-quality silicone (TPU) iPhone 12 cases may become deformed, unpleasant yellow spots may appear on them, and the colors will begin to fade.

The worst and most popular is the bumper. It is a frame that is worn around the perimeter. It protects only the sides of the phone, but the back panel and screen remain under attack.

But we create covers: Leather!

Leather! Best iPhone 12 leather cases are characterized by strength and endurance. Leather is always a classic. Unique texture adds strength. Leather is considered a budget option, but it will be durable and beautiful in the appropriate quality.

Criteria for Choosing Covers

  • First, you need to focus on the gadget. If the case is incompatible with it, it will be extremely inconvenient to use (especially this applies to the camera, charger and some buttons). Universal models do not often justify their name and can be a waste of money.
  • The material must be of high quality, non-slip and sufficiently durable. People who lead an active lifestyle, it is better to pay attention to the armored cover on the iPhone 12.
  • A large role is played by the degree of fixation. If the accessory does not match the size of the phone, then there can be no question of any protective functions.

You can always buy a best iPhone 12 cases in the online store. We offer only original, certified products. Our managers will help with the choice and answer all your questions.

We will have iPhone 12 leather case models for 6.7-inch 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch!

Choose one and care your phone! And be stylish… with Bouletta handmade iPhone Leather Phone cases…


Best Father's Day Gift...2020

Best Father's Day Gift...2020

The Best and Quality Gifts for Father’s Day!

On the eve of Father's Day in the world, we conducted research on the “Best Gift for Father”. And, although this study applies to men popes and reflects their preferences, but men are the same everywhere. So, in any case, women say, and it is better for them to believe.

When Father’s Day Announced?

Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated in the world on the third Sunday of June. The first time this holiday was celebrated in the United States on June 19, 1910. Mrs. Dodd from Washington State for the first time decided to pay tribute to her father - Wilm Smart. When his wife died giving birth to a sixth child, he, as a single father, safely raised all six children, including a newborn. This holiday received official status in 1966, when US President Lyndon Johnson declared this holiday a national one.

So, Father's Day appeared as an expression of the love and gratitude that the daughter dedicated to her father. Roses are Father's Day flowers: red are worn if the father is alive, and white if the father is dead. And, of course, on this day it is customary to give gifts to their fathers and arrange family celebrations.

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Leather Phone Cases

Leather phone cases are a very important accessory for men. It looks very stylish, durable, does not hold bacteria, you can easily clean the bacteria coming to the phone by wiping these days during Covid 19.

From men to leather nobility. It shows the authority of the father. It is compatible with every outfit. Sports wearing fathers can be preferred for corporate wearing fathers.

  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • iPhone
  • Samsung

You can find a product that you will love at for each model of their phones.

Leather iPhone cases are available for every phone model. Phone cases specially prepared and customizable will be a quality gift.

Leather Samsung cases can be customized like every other product. We can make any shape, name, text you want. It is completely handcrafted.

Leather Men's Wallets

Leather men's wallets are presented as useful, diverse, and customizable. There are up to 30% discount on men's wallets that you can buy from our site. The colors you can choose are various:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red and more…

Pier Leather Men’s Wallets brand wallets produced with real leather are on sale for $ 19.99 instead of $ 39.99. This short-term discount is only for those who want to make their father, wife, grandfather, father-in-law, and uncle happy on the day of fathers.

Leather Apple Watch Bands

It will be one of the best gifts for fathers using Apple Watch. Watch bands make fathers incredibly happy. You can especially add an iPhone phone case with you and even make a nice combination by ordering a leather wallet.

Other watch bands brands:

  • Fitbit
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Also available for Xiaomi models

Men! Of course, you should not think of waiting for a gift as a Father’s Day gift. You can browse all the products you like and gift yourself.

Women! How about pampering yourself while pampering your loved ones on Father's Day? You can choose one of the suitable leather women bag products…