Stylish, Durable and Handy Apple Watchbands


Genuine Leather Watchbands for Apple Watches

Genuine Leather is a quality material as an accessory used in many watch brands. Genuine leather is the most preferred raw material in watchbands for Classical Watches. Genuine leather contributes in the nice esthetics appearance on Sports Watches and is a durable material unless it is used carelessly at all.

You can have your watch, as well as watchband, suited your style by softening, simplifying the look of your watch with genuine leather watchbands in different color and design options. Quality leathers which are full-grain are not that affordable to be used in cheap watches due to their high expense.  Sometimes, artificial leathers can be used as an alternative to genuine ones however; even any amateur will notice the difference easily between them at the first glance. Buckles and clip are the complement of watchbands in terms of appearance, quality and durability. A quality genuine leather watchband must be accompanied by quality clips and buckles, otherwise it will go off half-cocked and the harmony will be lost.  Genuine Leather Watchbands, in general, are stitched or stuck being folded. Generally, the stitched watchbands are more durable, and stuck bands are thin. In order to support the durability of the band, rubber and such materials are placed between the upper and lower parts.

How to clean leather watchband?

Genuine leather watchbands are always open targets for dirt and dust, but still, they are the most popular option thanks to their sport and vintage appearance. Leather watchbands can be easily cleaned with a little care. Due to its natural form, vinegar can be preferred instead of detergents. Watchband can be plunged into a water-vinegar mixture and then it can be dried with a dry cotton fabric. Or fabric can be plunged into the mixture to be used to clean the watchband by rubbing on softly. Eventually, the dust and the stink will be disposed.

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