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What are RFID-Blocking Wallets?

What are RFID-Blocking Wallets?

RFID WALLET : Maximum Technological Protection

In today's fast information world everyone has many credit cards as well. Along with the digitalizing world, we now have to protect our cards not only physically but also against digital threats.  We have to keep our cards with RFID technology in secure wallets designed with protection foil in order to prevent the transfer of the information contained in our contactless transaction-enabled cards to the people we do not want  for electronic theft events using the technology of card copying with the development of technology.

What is RFID (RadioFrequencyIDentification)?

RadioFrequencyIdentification (RFID) technology is used for the detection and monitoring of live and non-living beings at any distance thanks to radioactive waves without the need of contact. RFID technologies are used in many sectors and are spreading worldwide. Automotive, fuel, logistics, retail, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, textile, energy, public, production, security, tourism, finance and banking

How RFID (RadioFrequencyIDentification) Works 

RFID is the system providing payment and identification features by using radio wave identification technology without contacting the cards and requiring encryption. The working principle of RFID technology is based on radio waves. Thanks to this technology, the non-contact process card continuously emitting radio waves (signals), transmits the information contained in it to any radio waves or devices that can read the waves it emits, without the need for any password or approval, ie without your knowledge. This way, information can be exchanged via radio waves without our will.

How can we take action against electronic thieves?

Today, every individual who has been integrated into social life has a card that uses RFID technology. Therefore, each individual is likely to be a potential target of electronic thieves, unfortunately. To eliminate this risk, it is enough to keep your cards with RFID technology in RFID protected products and this will prevent likewise thefts. The RFID protection foil is processed between the surface material and the liner and blocks the frequency connection to prevent undesired detection and transfer of personal information. 

How Do We Know If Our Cards Have RFID Technology? 

* If your cards have contactless process feature,

* If there is radio wave signal on it,

* If your passport carries a chip on it

* If your card has PayPass, PayWaveve or Blink,


Your personal information is unfortunately a potential target for electronic thieves. RFID protection lined cases have been developed to protect your cards against electronic thieves.

As Bouletta we follow the developing technologies step-by-step and continue to offer solutions to daily needs. With our different product range and hundreds of colors, we offer our RFID protection lined wallets for your use.


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Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Series - All the latest news and rumours!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Series - All the latest news and rumours!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Series - All the latest news and rumours!


Galaxy S10 Series is confirmed to be launched with in-display fingerprint sensor.

The enthusiastically anticipated Galaxy S10 series continues to surprise its users with exciting developments. According to the most recent development, a key feature of Samsung's new flagship has been confirmed by Qualcomm.

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Stylish, Durable and Handy Apple Watchbands

Stylish, Durable and Handy Apple Watchbands

Genuine Leather Watchbands for Apple Watches

Genuine Leather is a quality material as an accessory used in many watch brands. Genuine leather is the most preferred raw material in watchbands for Classical Watches. Genuine leather contributes in the nice esthetics appearance on Sports Watches and is a durable material unless it is used carelessly at all.

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Full-Grain Leather vs. Top-Grain Leather

Full-Grain Leather vs. Top-Grain Leather

Full-Grain Leather vs. Top-Grain Leather

Leather taken from cows is the most popular raw material used in leather products in our daily life. Due to its availability, quality and size advantages, it seems it will not lose leadership position in the industry.

What's the difference between full grain leather and top grain leather?

Full-Grain Leather

The very upper part of the leather which is just below the hairy part is the strongest and most durable one. Full-grain leather takes its name of the grain pattern hidden in this part. It is very tight and durable. Thanks to its tightness, a natural moisture resistant is hidden in the full grain leather. As time passes by, full-grain leather will get a better appearance.

Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather seems to be a side product of full-grain leather since it is produced of the same part of the leather’s grain part, but it has some differences in positive and negative ways. Starting with negative ones, it is also very strong and durable but not as much as the full-grain leather. Even it is dramatically weaker than the latter. What causes this weakness is the removal of the top layer of the leather.  The indents and cracks under the removed layer have been sanded and buffed to have a perfect smoothness. As it is weak, it will be open to damages like cracking or tearing.

Layer of Leather - Full-Grain Leather vs. Top-Grain Leather


Which one to choose?

We need to pick and choose the accessories which are in direct contact with our skin for long periods. Products containing too much chemicals can be jeopardizing for our skins. Artificial leathers are made of materials which processed chemically. In the long run, artificial leather can damage your skin dramatically. Full-grain high quality genuine leathers are the best option in terms of price/performance ratio provided they are used carefully and regularly.

Bouletta, presents many different options with its experience and quality-focused product range.

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Leather Care - What you need to know about the care and cleaning of leather accessories?

Leather Care - What you need to know about the care and cleaning of leather accessories?

What you need to know about the care and cleaning of leather accessories?

Everyone has some leather accessories at least one in his closet which keeps up with all fashions and seasons. The products which never lose the trend fashion such as watch bands, bags, cases, belts, wallets as leather accessories expect satisfaction from you as they satisfy as well. We gathered some hints for care of leather which require more than fabric accessories.

You always have to handle and carry the leather bags and accessories very carefully.  You also need to avoid accessories having brooch-type needles on it which can damage the leather easily. Such accessories can deform the surface of your leather product as an irreversible damage. Leather is sensible to heat. In case of exposure to heated media like heaters and radiators or attempt to dry the wet surface of leather in such a way, your leather will most probably damage. In case, you leather accessory gets wet of rain, the only thing you are advised to dry it a dry fabric and place it under the Sunlight for a short time. If you forget and extend the drying time, leather color is likely to fade.  If there are splashes on the leather, you can let it evaporate for 5-10 minutes and clean with cotton. You must make sure of closing the taps of perfume, cologne, deodorant bottles that you carry in your bag. Likewise, you need to avoid carrying sharp objects in your bag which can tear the leather.

You need to take care of the leather since you start using it first. On times you do not use, you can place papers or sponges inside the accessory to avoid cracks and deformations on the surface of leather. You also need to avoid direct sunlight and wet places which will damage the leather in relatively short time. If you are planning not to use your leather product for a long time, you can extend its lifetime by cleaning it with care lubricants which do not contain heavy chemicals and paints after cleaning it with wet cotton. If you do not have a care lubricant at your home, you can clean it with cotton with some vaseline on it. You can also use the same method for avoiding stiffening of your accessories after drying the wet leather.

Leather cases and accessories require intense care as far as they are actively in use. You can have a longer usage of them by a frequent care period. As far as you apply the advices mentioned above, you will spend more happy times with your beloved leather accessories.

You can find leather care product from HERE.

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New iPhone XR - Superior Smart, Extremely Charming

New iPhone XR - Superior Smart, Extremely Charming

New iPhone XR - Superior Smart, Extremely Charming

Apple launched its most affordable model iPhone XR in new iPhone event. Although, iPhone XR is not that much different from iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs MAX in terms of its appearance, it has only one camera in contrast to them. Being introduced as the Low-Cost iPhone model, iPhone XR has a screen with a size of 6,1 inches 

Having a wide range of color options like White, Black, Red, and Yellow, iPhone XR is still keeping mysteries on it, specifically on its model name. Rumored R letter in the XR model name stands for “Remedial” for instance.

Screen Features

Design widens the screen of iPhone XR almost end-to-end.   Its screen, which is the most durable one ever used in a Smartphone, is in a chic compliance with the anodized strip made of aluminum with durability in standards of 7000 series Aviation and Space industry.

Apple uses an LCD screen with a size of 6,1 inches in new iPhone XR. Apple names the screen Liquid Retina. The screen with a high-resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels has screen pixel density of 326 PPI. 120 Hz screen supports True Tone technology as well.  Screen also has the notched design as its “Big Brothers.”

iPhone XR supports many iPhone actions like touching for awaking, opening the Home Screen with scrolling up, scrolling down for accessing Control Panel and Notifications and touching Home Screen in order to open flashlight or camera instantly Aiming to arouse interest of youth with its White, Black, Blue, Yellow Coral and Red color options, iPhone XR is empowered with A12 processor which is also used in upper segments.

A12 Bionic Processor pushes the limits of performance  

A12 Bionic, which is defined as “the smartest and the most powerful chip in a smart phone” by the Marketing Chief of Apple, Phil Schiller, has a 6 core CPU composed of 2 performance cores up to 15% faster for heavy computations and 4 efficiency cores which consume less power for daily tasks and a  4 core GPU up to 50% faster, a powerful Apple design ISG(Image Signal Processor), Video Encoder and Fusion Architecture of 6 core which has more than else.

Camera Skills of iPhone XR

iPhone XR has a 12-megapixel lens with a sensor of a wide focal aperture of f/1.8 which enables a faster automatic focalization.

Face ID Technology

Apple, having split with Touch ID, prefers to use Face ID in new iPhone XR model. Thanks to Software Optimizations and faster Secure Enclave, Face ID works faster in iPhone XR.  True Depth Camera System takes advantage of a sensitive depth sensing technology which exceeds the limits of security and features of two-dimension face scanners used for unlocking the iPhone at a single glance, using Apple Pay and reaching safe applications.

Wireless Technologies

For high speed downloading, iPhone XR uses LTE Advanced technology. It also provides double SIM opportunity using Nano SIM and digital eSIM.  Thanks to the glass backside iPhone XR provides a wireless charge opportunity too.

When will it be launched?

iPhone XR will be on sale with a price starting from $749 for its 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage models. It is announced that Apple will launch iPhone XR on 19th of October for advance orders and will appear in the market on 26th of October.

How can we protect it?

Such a high cost product should be protected, as well. Meanwhile, the hardware systems develop thanks to technology, the design develops, too. High resolution large screens, completely glass designs and so on. There are many options for this. Of course, genuine leather is the healthiest one in affordable options since no chemical reactions occur in its usage. Leaving the healthcare aside as pros; easy handling, less space, higher protection capacity, sleek and beautiful appearance compared to other options are the other reasons for preferring genuine leather.

It offers you many different designs with its experience and product range.


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