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Bouletta LTD

Marlow Leather Backpack

$224.90 $279.90

SKU: BO-03-MLOW-ER01N-00000-00

Brand : Bouletta LTD

Product Type: BackPack

Material : Leather

Model: Marlow Backpack

Personalization: Laser and Embossed ( Silver | Gold | Transparent | Black | Red )

Handmade : Yes


Marlow Leather Backpack

This product is made of high quality genuine leather with years of experience with first class workmanship and meticulous work.

This stylish leather backpack is made to effortlessly navigate the streets with a cool and stylish statement. It is a luxury choice for daily use. It looks enviable at first glance. It is a high-end product that can be used for a long time. If you are considering the perfect gift, this is definitely it!

This bag has a soft sponge backed construction. It has two zippered compartments.

It has three compartments, one of which is zippered.

You will make your device look stylish with its luminous surface. Furry and silky to the touch.

High quality metal accessories are used.

High quality inner lining is used.

The subtle scent of bouncing leather can give you an idea of ​​its quality.

This leather bag has custom design adjustable high quality fabric / leather shoulder straps.

It also has a leather handle.

It has a comfortable back system, provides air flow and good breathability, reduces shoulder and back stress.

This leather bag has custom design adjustable high quality fabric / leather shoulder straps.

The leather we use is 100% natural, you can immediately understand its quality. Each product is different from each other and flawlessly flawless, our products are unique with all their positive features and unmatched quality. Product images may differ slightly from original products.


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